Our heart and passion

We are the daughter company of Lio Collection. You might already know them, but now it is time for you to know us. Lio Living is developed to cater the Indonesian market and to bring “hygge” into Indonesian homes. At our Indonesian factories, we produce products with great respect for the nature and environment.
Our range of products extends to more than just rattan and bamboo furniture. At Lio Living, we also develop and produce a wide range of indoor and outdoor antique, classic and modern furniture as well as interior – such as mirrors, candlesticks, creative paintings, exquisite handicrafts, beautiful lamps, stones, and wood carvings.
Through the years Christos and the Lio team have developed an incredibly close and respectful bond to various communities in Indonesia. This has enabled Lio Collection to build a unique bridge between the outside world of customers and the Indonesian market. We believe that it is the time to extend that bridge to our Indonesian customers as well.
We have an extensive knowledge of how to do business in Indonesia, the politics and the community. In short, we are the only supplier you need in Indonesia, a true one-stop-supplier. 
We are driven by our passion for the development and production of quality products. This is the absolute core of our business. At Lio Living we love the fact that our furniture bring nature straight into our customers’ homes.

- driven with heart and passion.

Lio Living moved to Bali, Indonesia in 2005, with the goal and wish to expand the business with our own factories and hereby ensuring that we offered the absolute best of Indonesian furniture to our customer base.
We managed to create a multicultural team where our competent, serviceminded and always smiling Indonesian support team runs the day-to-day operation from Bali.
Everything is managed with precision and absolute attention to detail – from quality check, handling and labelling to packaging and fumigation.
Our team works with a dedicated focus to ensure that our customers always receive their orders and products on time without compromising the high level of quality and service.
Our management team, which is located in Denmark and Greece, have close contact and communication with our European customers catering to their needs and demands.
Choosing Lio Living as a supplier, you will partner up with a team of highly professional and serviceminded people.
Lio Living is founded by Christos Vassilios Liokouras and with his 40 years of experience in the business, Christos has been able to make Lio Collection a well-known and respected in- and outdoor furniture and interior company. Through the years Christos has been focused on hiring the right team of people to further develop the brand and products.

In Lio Living, we specialize in exporting a broad assortment of furniture and interior products from Indonesia to restaurants, hotels, retailers and wholesale customers in more than 40 countries.

Bali's Bamboo Heaven

Our V-Legal certificate is yours (and ours) guarantee that we always work with legal wood. The V-Legal certificate specifies that the wood we work with is complying with the legality and/or sustainability standard in Indonesia. All in all – The V-Legal certificate ensures that all wood coming through Lio Collection are legal wood. We owe it to our nature and community.